Book Club (1): Members, Book Choices, and Schedules

 To first start a book club, you need to find people who have the same passion for books that you do. There's no point in having a book club if the people that you do it with aren't excited about it. I - personally - am incredibly dorky, so I love book clubs. I'm planning to start one some time over the summer; I just haven't had much time.You want people who both love books, read rather quickly, and can come up with probing questions and answers that explore themes and characters in the novel.First thing to tackle: the loving books. It can't just be a person who cracks open a page every few months for the books that everybody's reading, or because it's being made into a movie. It has to be a person who loves reading and devours books. They have to get excited about the books that they read, and you want them to read a variety of books. It can get boring if you are forced to read all contemporary fiction by Nicholas Sparks or the Twilight books over and over again.The second thing you want for your members: they must read rather quickly. I'm not talking about them having to read a book a day; they just have to be able to start and finish the book within meetings. Depending on how often or when you meet, you have to figure out which book you read and how quickly you must be able to read it.The final criteria for a member of your book club is that they have to be able to think of interesting questions to pose to the group, and they must be able to provide insightful answers to the questions that are asked. A good book club member will be able to think of conflicts, unresolved questions, character profiles, etc,. that they can pose into a question to make the rest of the group ponder the novel.Of course, the major part of a book club is just that. The BOOK! Choosing the book is very important. It has to be(a) enjoyable(b) insightful(c) of an appropriate length depending on the amount of time between meetingsI suggest allowing each member to pick a book. The member choices can be assigned every few weeks.EXAMPLE (BASED ON THE READING TIME OF THE AVERAGE PERSON)April 24 Member #1May 8 Member #2May 22 Member #3etc,. etc.,Or you can even do it by genre.EXAMPLE BY GENREApril 24  historical fictionMay 8 fantasyMay 22 contemporary fictionetc,. etc,.I'll do some more in my "book club" series and I try to post book club questions with my reviews, all of which I have come up with on my own unless I specifically say that I haven't, and in those instances, I will always provide the source that I got the questions from.Happy reading!Grace