Book Expo America

Hey y'all!It's Grace and as y'all are reading this, I am on a plane to New York (well, this is a sticky post, so you may be reading it while I'm actually in New York). For over a year, I've been planning these few days. I'm going to Book Expo America in New York City. Technically, the expo itself is from June 5-7, but I'm going from the 4-6. If you're reading my blog after networking with me at the expo, welcome! I'm so happy that you've decided to check out my blog.If you're planning on attending any of these events, let me know! I'd be happy to meet you! Anyways, I have a few posts to keep y'all company while I'm gone. If you couldn't make it to New York this year, check out Armchair BEA, which I did last year.I'll try to be live-tweeting throughout the expo, so check me out on Twitter or check out the hashtag #GraceAtBEA.On Monday:I'll be going to BEA Blogger's Conference and I'm meeting with a few people throughout the day but if you're there, say hi! I'll also be trying to make the Young Adult Fiction Panel but if I can't, I'll be doing the Class of 2k12 BEA Kick-Off Party!On Tuesday:Tuesday is the first day of the actual expo. I'll be starting off the morning meeting with people at the Harper booth and then I'll be going to signings throughout the day. I'm dying to meet Maggie Stiefvater, so I'll be at her Raven Boys signing! I'll also be at the Apocalypsies Meet & Greet at the end of the day.On Wednesday:On Wednesday, I'll be going to the Children's Book and Author Breakfast and fangirling over John Green, then attending signings the rest of the day. Unfortunately, I'll be flying home after the expo ends because I'm not attending Thursday, but I'll basically be spending the rest of the week in a self-imposed solitude, devouring my new books and excitedly looking up bloggers that I met at the expo.When I'm back, I'll be posting an extreme "In My Mailbox" as well as my reflections about my trip. I had been thinking about attending a few dance classes at Broadway Dance Center or a studio that my ballet teacher recommended, but I don't have the time. So I'll be dreaming about it and I'll be finally meeting the people I've talked with for over a year now.If you're new to my blog, take a look around! I'm starting to update my review archive and lists on my blog so I hope y'all find something that you enjoy.Have a great book week!Grace