BookExpo America

This post is about BEA and my jealousy at all the lucky people who get to go. Since I am young and live in Florida, I am not one of those lucky people.First of all, I am jealous because, who doesn't love to meet authors? Plus, whoever goes can score free books and ARCs and get them autographed! And while I have been to NYC (once), no book expos were going on while I was there.I've heard of some of the ARCs and signings and breakfasts going on at BEA 2011, and they sound FANTASTIC!Some of the books include:     Crossed by Ally Condie (and signing)Between Here and Forever - Elizabeth ScottShut Out - Kody Keplinger (I really want this looks really great)If I Die - Rachel VincentSpellbound - Cara Lynn ShultzI know that there are TONS more, these are just the ones that there is a lot of buzz about. Personally, I will be so jealous of anybody who manages to score a copy of Crossed and Shut Out. I can't wait until both of those come out! I will be featuring them in a future post about books that I can't wait for.What I'm really jealous of is the author discussions. I think that it is so fascinating to talk to authors about (a) their books and their points of view on them (b) the publishing/editing process and (c) future books. They have a ton of conferences too.Although I am going to attend Armchair BEA, I'm still lusting after BookExpo America in New York City.Love,Grace