Calli by Jessica Lee Anderson Giveaway

Hi fellow readers!One of the books that I had the awesome opportunity to read early was Calli by Jessica Lee Anderson. I was planning on using Rafflecopter for this giveaway, but unfortunately, does not allow javascript practically at all. Rafflecopter and Google Docs are the most popular giveaway tools right now.I must admit that I like messing around with different types of contests because it keeps it interesting and I'm trying to see what works best for me.So, who's ready to win an ARC of Calli? I'm going to take a page from Vickie from Comacalm and do a commenter contest.

Calli by Jessica Lee Anderson

Fifteen-year-old Calli has just about everything she could want in life—two loving moms, a good-looking boyfriend, and a best friend who has always been there for support. An only child, Calli is excited when her parents announce that they want to be foster parents. Unfortunately, being a foster sister to Cherish is not at all what Calli expected. First Cherish steals Calli’s boyfriend, then begins to pit Calli’s moms against one another, and she even steals Calli’s iPod. Tired of being pushed around and determined to get even, Calli steals one of Cherish’s necklaces. But this plan for revenge goes horribly awry, and Cherish ends up in juvenile detention.Isolating herself from her moms, her boyfriend, and even her best friend, Calli wrestles with her guilt and tries to figure out a way to undo the damage she’s caused. When her moms are asked to take on another foster child, Calli sees an opportunity to make amends for her past mistakes.Funny, moving, and emotionally rich, Calli is a portrait of an endearing young woman caught between adolescence and adulthood, striving to do the right thing even when all of her options seem wrong.

You can read my review here and you can see the interview with Jessica here.


You must be 13.You must live in the US.Whoever comments the most STARTING TOMORROW and ending 11:59 PM on August 30 wins. They must be meaningful comments. Please don't spam me. :)If you comment on my interview with Jessica with an insightful comment, you get +2 entries and whoever I think has the most interesting comment gets +4.Oh, and let me know which type of giveaway you like best, okay?