Cover Reveal: Adaptation by Malinda Lo

The cover for Adaptation by Malinda Lo was revealed yesterday, and as you can tell, this is the cover with an advanced reader's copy stamp on it. Malinda Lo said on her website that the reason why the ARC stamp was there is because there may be some changes later on. However, I think that this cover is utterly stunning. I love the cover!If you read the description of Adaption, it sounds utterly chilling, and with the cover, it means that I have to buy it when it comes out. It definitely looks unique, and the cover is piercing. Adaptation will be published on September 18, 2012. Malinda Lo is also giving away an ARC of Adaptation on her blog, so head over and enter!

Reese and David don't remember what happened to them after a bird flew into their headlights on the Extraterrestrial Highway--not the resulting car accident and certainly not a bit of the 21 days of care at the military hospital in Nevada. It's a good thing, the doctors and colonels tell them, that they crashed on a military base, but they won't tell Reese and David what the extent of their injuries were, or how they were healed. They do tell them they're not going home, though, until they sign a confidentiality agreement.When they get home, Reese can't help but find everything a little weird. Worldwide bird strikes resulting in plane crashes have grounded air travel, David won't talk to her, and she could swear she's seen her military doctors around the neighborhood. It's only when she meets Amber Grey that things in her life begin to really fall apart, and the mysteries of the bird strikes, the military, and her own treatment come together. Reese realizes that she must find out what they did to her in that hospital, but her search for the truth threatens to expose a vast global conspiracy that the government has worked for decades to keep secret.What if we aren't alone in the universe? What if the alien is inside us?