Cover Reveal: Glass Heart by Amy Garvey

Welcome to Words Like Silver!Glass Heart is the sequel to Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey. There were a few mixed reviews of Cold Kiss (although I personally loved it!) but everyone agrees that there are gorgeous colors. This one has a completely different color scheme but the softness, almost painting-like picture and intricate text make another gorgeous cover!What's also interesting is while beautiful, the first cover actually played into the book. It reads simply and well-written, and the paranormal aspect is so clearly explained that it makes for a really great read. It's a bit of a zombie book (although not a traditional one) and a love story, and that cover represents it. I love these covers and they may be some of my favorite covers.Without further ado, here's the cover for Glass Hearts!The expected publication is in October of 2012, and I'm pining for it already. It sounds absolutely incredible. I'm in love with it. I also love how although this cover is warmer than the previous, there's still the layer of something that looks like frost. I've always loved the softer covers that are almost like a veil is between the model and the reader, or something similar. I'm in love with the cover; how do y'all feel?