Cover Reveal: Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Hey y'all!I keep promising that it will be the last cover reveal, but it seems to never be the last cover reveal. I ducked out of the blogosphere to do homework and then when I came back, I found out that the cover for Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins was revealed.Wendy Higgins  is the second author to be discovered on Inkpop, a young adult writing community maintained by HarperCollins. The first author was Leigh Fallon, whose debut Carrier of the Mark was released on October 4, 2011.This cover reminds me of both Twisted and Fallen. I'll post smaller pictures of those two below so you can see how they compare. I think that the contrast between the boy and the girl is beautiful, and I love the covers. This is also very similar to the cover that Sweet Evil had when it was on Inkpop, under a different name.

     This book reminds me of a cross section of the below two covers, in

     gorgeous different colors. I'm obsessed with the contrast and I just

     adore the text for this. I can't wait for this one!