Cover Reveal: The Diviners by Libba Bray

This was actually revealed yesterday but I saw it on my friend Reut's blog today and as I'm in the middle of several other reviews, I figured that I would satisfy my readers with a cover reveal today. I'm also in the middle of something HUGE to be announced later on the blog. I think y'all will be really happy with it. The cover for Libba Bray's new book, The Diviners, has been released. Feast your eyes below!It looks fantastical and extremely interesting which makes me incredibly curious as to what it's about and what's going to happen. Learn to make alluring covers like this with training from a graphic design college. I have read a few of Libba's books, the most recent being Beauty Queens. Her writing style is very quirky and entertaining bordering on whimsical. She's excellent at satire and an extremely talented author!

A supernatural series set in Manhattan during the 1920s that follows a teen heroine reminiscent of two of the era's most famous literary women—Zelda Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker. The story will be a wild new ride full of dames and dapper dons, jazz babies and Prohibition-defying parties, conspiracy and prophecy—and all manner of things that go bump in the neon-drenched night.

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