Cover Reveal: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Today, the cover for The Immortal Rules was revealed. Most of the bloggers and general population of readers out there are stunned when they hear the name "Julie Kagawa". Julie Kagawa is the eloquent literary goddess that we all strive to be. For more informationabout Julie Kagawa and her best selling novels, check out young adult literature classes at an online college. Many readers all but worship her (I'm looking at you Haley) and many readers pounce upon her newly released books in a crazed frenzy the second that it enters bookshops. Many of the more technological readers have probably considered hacking her computer for her much-awaited manuscripts.Today, the cover for the first book in her new vampire series was revealed. I personally find it striking, although it can't help but resemble the movie tie-in copy of Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. This cover was striking and if I saw it on a shelf, I would definitely pick it up. I'll admit that with my following thoughts, doubts started to creep in about whether people would just see this as another vampire book with this particular cover, if they do not recognize the Julie Kagawa plastered across the front.And yet I still love it.Gorgeous. Stunning. Raw.

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