Dead Is Not An Option by Marlene Perez

Came out: May 2, 2011Pages: 252Publisher: Houghton Mifflin HarcourtSource: ARC from NetGalley

It’s springtime of senior year, and psychic sleuth Daisy Giordano is preparing to say goodbye to Nightshade High. But no college acceptance letters have arrived yet, and she’s beginning to worry about where she’ll end up come fall—and if it will be anywhere near her boyfriend, Ryan. But that’s not the only uncertainty Daisy’s dealing with. There’s a vamps-versus-shifters war going on in Nightshade, and things are so tense that there is talk of canceling the prom. The conflict is carrying over to the Giordano home, since Rose and Daisy are both dating werewolves and Poppy’s new boyfriend is a vampire.Can the paranormal community in Nightshade finally find peace? And will Daisy and her friends survive graduation? All of these questions and more are answered in the latest explosive installment in the Dead Is series.

The second I found out that I had gotten Dead Is Not An Option, I literally started jumping up and down and spazzing out. Needless to say, this was not very accepted in my surroundings because my twin/the rest of our lacrosse team was curious as to why I was ecstatic since we had just lost our game.Two hours later, I was done and perfectly satisfied with my read. I freely admit that one of the reasons why I love this series so much is that it reminds me of the old Disney Channel Halloweentown movies, minus talking pumpkins. I am a closet Disney movie lover, so this was much appreciated.A much better climax than the previous books (which were still good but somewhat lacking in the ending excitement), Marlene Perez's writing improves every time. Each book is even better than the last, which, when you started out with an absolutely awesome book, is very hard to do.This was an enjoyable puzzle with enchanting twists, werewolves, vampires, psychics, romance, and humor. The Dead Is... series is so good and while I loved this book, I always want series to go on forever...I can't stand to see them go.And after just delivering a fabulous conclusion to the series, I still want more. I loved this book and definitely recommend it. It balances between dark and light reading, blurring the line and providing a satisfying novel with plenty of kick.Recommended for anybody who loves: Halloweentown; dark-light books; Twitches; Bonnie from Vampire Diaries, etc,.Possible book club questions:Why do you think Samantha chose to spend recklessly and block out her dad's behavior?Why do you think that friends-to-couple relationships is a trend in YA novels? Name a few.Why would Rose and Poppy decide to oppose each other on issues revolving around guys? Do you notice this in many friendships and other relationships?Do you think that the vampires and the shifters were just looking for excuses to fight each other?Do you feel that Daisy has grown throughout the books?