Gimme A Call by Sarah Mlynowski

Came out: April 27, 2010

Pages: 320

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Format: Hardcover

Source: Borders

Age Group: Young Adult

A new life is just a phone call away!

Devi's life isn't turning out at all like she wanted. She wasted the past three years going out with Bryan—cute, adorable, break-your-heart Bryan. Devi let her friendships fade, blew off studying, didn't join any clubs . . . and now that Bryan has broken up with her, she has nothing left. Not even her stupid cell phone—she dropped it in the mall fountain. Now it only calls one number . . . hers. At age fourteen, three years ago! Once Devi gets over the shock—and convinces her younger self that she isn't some wacko—she realizes that she's been given an awesome gift. She can tell herself all the right things to do . . . because she's already done all the wrong ones! Who better to take advice from than your future self? Except . . .what if getting what you think you want changes everything? Fans of Sarah Mlynowski's Magic in Manhattan series will love this hilarious new novel with a high-concept premise.Funny, fresh, and amusing, this book is filled with spirit. The premise of being able to talk to yourself - going back in time, essentially - is one that brings up a lot of questions. Sarah manages to answer most of these questions without dragging out one storyline and starts strong.The character - Devi - is given the opportunity to learn from her mistakes. She blew three years just spending time with her boyfriend. When they break up, she simply doesn't know what to do. For some people, that's simple enough to understand. And now she regrets those years.So when she's presenting with the opportunity, what else is there but for her to take it? She is determined to set her life straight and her perseverance will make girls proud across the nation. This novel proves that you can be strong without a guy in your life and will be the salvation of many girls after the end of a relationship.The characters that Sarah creates are funny, sweet, and each have their own faults. It is these faults, though, that make them so endearing to the girls of the world. Everybody makes mistakes and Sarah acknowledges that, but she made a brilliant book out of a simple mistake that many teenagers unintentionally get roped into.And she does it in an elegant way that makes for excellent storytelling. She has a fun, fresh way of writing that draws the reader in and leaves them satisfied. It's unique, funny, and leaves a lasting impression.I loved Devi and "Frosh". The comparison between the two showed how much of a capacity to grow that Devi had. She knew that she made mistakes and she wanted to fix them, but she couldn't expect everything to go quickly. It showcased her maturity as she and "Frosh" navigated difficult situations in the book that were the effects of their wishes.I also liked showing how Devi and Frosh's decisions affected the people around them. Their family, their friends. Whatever they say or do influenced whether their family stayed together, split apart, or whether their friends got eating disorders.The ending was lovely. While introducing a little twist that made me giggle, I still found myself satisfied yet wanting more of Sarah's writing.It brought to light some of the issues we have when we make decisions, and it did so in a way that is sure to resonate with many teenage girls. I loved it!Recommended for anybody who loves: Magic in Manhattan series; funny books; easy writing style; etc,.Possible book club questions:Why do you think Devi was so determined to patch things up with her friends because she was going to college?Do you think that it is common for their boyfriends' decisions for college makes girls choose colleges differently?What would you do if you had a phone? Would YOU use it? Why or why not?What regrets did Devi and Frosh have about the cell phone? etc, etc,.