Goals for 2012

I have a ton of goals for 2012. 2011 was my beginning in a lot of things, and 2012 is where I get to make them happen. Whether for my reading, my blogging, my writing, my dancing, or something else entirely, there are a ton of things that I want to do this year. This year feels like it should be my year and I feel like it's finally time for me to do something about it.I always start out the new year with my birthday on January 10. Then - because my school is determined to torture us with stress and panic attacks - we have exams the week of my birthday. Honestly, I don't get why we can't have exams before break like every other school and avoid this mess altogether, but I'm not here to complain. Most Januarys bring the stress and hope of a new year, but this January comes with even more.I'm starting dance back up again. I've been missing it for the past few weeks while we've had a Christmas break and I'm so happy it's starting again. I have a lot of goals relating to dance as well, so you can skip over them entirely if you want to.I'm starting my internship! Immortal Ink Publishing is hiring me as a digital intern. I'm going to be going through submissions, editing blog posts, and interacting on social media networks, like their Facebook page! I'm so excited for this and my parents are too, because Immortal Ink set some rules for me school-wise, where I'm not allowed to work after a certain time on school nights, etc,. Technically, since you're not allowed to start legally working for a place until you're fourteen, I have to wait until my birthday to start. I'm counting down the days.My Reading Goals1. Read 350 new books this year. This year I read 300 books (and possibly more) except I had trouble keeping track of it on my "Books I've Read in 2011" list. Speaking of, I have to make a "Books I've Read in 2012" page as well. I'm determined to reach this goal. I was originally going to make it 365 books but I might do that in 2013.2. Finish Debut Author Challenge.Blogging Goals1. Be better about reviewing. When I was putting together my review archive, I realized that I had way less reviews than I thought. I'm going to be better about posting more reviews more often. My reviews are longer than most others, so I've been using it as an excuse to only do one a week or so. I'd like to add more to them, and do them more often.2. Interact with publishers. This year, I didn't at all. I was worried that I was too small of a blog and I wanted to wait until I got big enough. There was that issue with entitled bloggers this year and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't one of them filling up their mailboxes. From the feedback that I've gotten this year, I think that I'm ready to start requesting and interacting with them. I'd like to be more than just another person to them, and as I want to go into the business someday, I want to start now.3. Make more blogger friends. I'm shy. On my blog, you may not know it, but when I actually talk to people, I'm shy. This also connects with one of my personal goals which is to be more social. At my school? I'd rather be alone than be with people, and I usually cringe away from the thought of social interaction. I want to make blogger friends because I only have a few now and because I want to be able to talk about the things I love with other people more often.4. Lock in formatting and business. I'm definitely going to start focusing more on the business aspect of my blog, especially with BEA and such coming up in only a few months. This year has completely flown by. I know exactly what I want to use for my blog logo and I want to get business cards and maybe ask Somer if I can borrow her idea for her adorable postcards. I want to get business cards, a blog design, and finally settle on a final look for my blog. Blogs are like businesses, and I need to start recognizing that.5. Continue to gain readers until I have a steady base. I have a small, tight group of loyal readers of my blog, and a few occasional one. I'm not expecting to immediately be one of the big blogs with a huge readership, but I would like to be there someday. I want to expand my readership and attract more people.Writing Goals1. Finish my current WIP. I really can't elaborate more on this. I want to finish it, but I'm taking my time because I don't want me to have invested my work in it and have it suck. I know that's a tad bit dreamy of me, because that's the path of a writer, but I know I'll be upset if it isn't good.2. Enter more short story contests. I don't know what happened to this. Early in 2011, I would win a few and be okay with it. I actually won more than a few. I stopped entering them as I focused more on my blog and I'm struggling to get into them again. I don't know what happened to this.3. Lock in beta readers. I keep trying to think of people who I can get to read my things, but I'm worried that the people I know will tell me it's good so they don't hurt my feelings, or they'll be brutally honest and I'll be upset. However, my fragile first draft is an extension of my soul in a way. I cringe at the thought of people I don't know as well reading it when it's not perfect, because I am a hard core perfectionist. I want to find those perfect readers.4. Set a schedule and write more often. I write in bits and pieces, but recently I set up a writing desk area in my house and I want to write there more often on a set schedule. In fact, I just need to get a schedule for everything.  I make them, but I have trouble sticking to them and that's a problem with my organization.School goals1. Be more organized. I have short term memory loss. I'm convinced. I don't know whether it's medically true or not but I have a huge problem with remembering things. Seriously, I am like London from Forgotten by Cat Patrick (which I finished yesterday by the way) or Dory from Finding Nemo (one of my favorite movies). If I get a planner, I forget where I put it. If I write something down, I lose the piece of paper. Because of this, I've resorted to writing on my hands with pens and scrawling on my legs because my teachers yell at me for writing on my hands, and obviously they can't see under my skirt. My friends try to stop me from doing it, but I can't help it. My memory has caused all sorts of problems, the least of which is forgetting where I put my homework or what is due when.2. Exempt final exams. A few years ago, my school decided to try something new. Eighth graders can exempt final exams for each class if, overall, they have no detention, and they have an A in that class (semester grade) with an averaged S or above for effort. I need to exempt all my exams. I have to. I've convinced myself that I will exempt all exams, but I'm worried about getting too many homework slips and screwing it up.Dance goals1. Make Danceros. Danceros are my local high school team and I've wanted to be one of them for years. A lot of them are actually friends of mine who go to my dance studio. I went and watched auditions last year and took notes.  I've used my dorky tendencies to help me reach my goal. I've been wanting it more than anything for as long as I can remember knowing that they existed. I've been working towards this for years, and I don't know what I'm going to do if I don't make it. I've been taking privates with my dance teacher for the year now for the pure goal of making Danceros and practicing all the time, not only in dance class, but privately at workout rooms and such. I want to make it more than anything. It's not even a want anymore, but a need.2. Become more. I want to take more workshops, more classes, more of everything. I'd be happy if everything revolved around dance (and books of course). I love to dance, and I want to be great at it. I just want to be more. Come to think of it, dance online classes will surely improve my dancing skills.Personal Goals1. Become healthier. My family used to be extremely healthy, the type that would eat salads all the time and have a stock of fresh fruits and vegetables for snacking. I've become more reliant on soda for staying awake than I'd like to be and now I find myself just craving the taste. I need to become healthier so that I can be stronger, and feel better in general.2. Care more about how I look. I've been so busy with everything that I've literally just been rolling out of bed, putting on my uniform, and throwing up my hair in a messy bun. I come to school rubbing bleary eyes, content to steal bits of rest in the comfort of my sweatshirt. I care about my appearance when I get dressed up, or when I go out, but when I'm going to school or staying home, I'm a bit of a slob. Plus, thank goodness the high school that I'm going to is a public school, because I can finally wear the clothes I want! That means that I should get into the habit of actually caring.3. My internship! I want to be the best internship that Immortal Ink will ever have. I want to be the most helpful, polite, caring person that they could hope to work for. I already know that it won't interfere with school due to my rules so I'm free to devote other time to it! I'm going to work so hard on it, and I already know it's going to be incredibly rewarding. I'm going to be learning about the industry I've always wanted to be a part of and starting in it.4. Be more social. I cringe at the thought of interacting with people I can't talk dance or books with. Most of the people I know are sick of my talk, but I don't know how to stop. I need to learn for myself how to start interacting like a normal person, and I need to stop burying my nose in a book when I have to talk. I'm going to be more social this year!Those are essentially my goals. I have more for before high school, but I'll share those at the end of the summer. We're in the last half of the school year! That just thrills me! I'm only praying that I won't get stressed with exams coming up and that I achieve the things that I want to (Danceros, etc,). Wish me luck and happy new years!

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