Immortal Ink Publishing

Hey y'all!Some of you may already know this and some of you may not, but I'm an intern for the amazing Immortal Ink Publishing. Immortal Ink has done more for me than I could have dreamed. When I tweeted to them with a little winky face saying "hey if you're ever looking for an intern..." so that they could see that I was available, but not so much where I would get my hopes up, I wasn't expecting a reply. I loved their idea and how their books looked and I was just aching to intern or be propelled somehow more into the publishing industry.Then I got an email. In it, Shana said that she saw my tweet and was seriously debating having me intern. She had some questions for me regarding my age, and in my eyes, that possibility was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It's probably no surprise to y'all that I want to go into publishing (it's on my "About Me" page!) and an internship was the perfect place to start. Most internships are only available for college students but seeing people like Alex who had internships at my age was inspiring. It was a great feeling to know that there was the possibility.I was actually touring Yellowstone at the time with my family while we were in Montana on the skiing trip, and appropriately enough, Old Faithful had just gone off and seemed like an apt metaphor for my emotions. I was squirming and jumping and praying not to trip on the ice because I was so excited! As fast as I possibly could, I typed a reply on my mom's iPhone and debated my voice - should I sound ridiculously excited and use dozens of exclamation points or should I be cool and professional? Should I start talking about ideas I had for my internship or wait until it was finalized?- while breathlessly informing my parents and siblings of the situation.In the bus on the way back, I could no longer sit still listening to my audiobook of Midnight Alley or craning my head to see more animals. I was ecstatic. When we got back to the place we were staying, I raced to my mom's computer and started chatting with Shana. A few emails later, and I was an intern.I raced to Twitter where I talked with my friends about it and announced my exciting news. I cruised the Immortal Ink website and tried to become more familiar with everything. I got my contract, signed it, and sent it along when I got home.Then came my interning duties. I run the Immortal Ink facebook page which by the way, has 94 likes, so y'all should like it and get us to 100! I also pin for them on Pinterest (it was an idea I had to start up the account because all the teens I know use Pinterest and I'm on it all the time anyways). Submissions don't open until May (which I am SO EXCITED FOR!) so social networking is what I've been doing. Plus, I'm a teenage girl and blogger. Social networking is a large part of what I do anyways.I'm also reviewing several books for them to post on their blog. I've finished the books, am halfway through the reviews for one of them, but still need enough time to finish reviewing all of them. The idea was for some indie authors to pitch me their books and for me to decide which ones I liked the synopsis of best and pick those. Several authors pitched me books that I had already read and loved! I was really excited that those authors were interested in having me review for them. Anyways, I read those books after Immortal Ink sent them to me.One of my favorite genres is paranormal romance and sometimes I like it on the darker side. Immortal Ink is perfect for me there because they have stories about witches, murder mysteries, and a lot more. They only focus on a few titles a year, but they're great titles. I'm looking forward to helping them pick out YA titles to publish in May when submissions come in!I've also been stalking one of the cover designer's websites because his designs are gorgeous, although honestly, I don't even know how to pronounce his name. I'd love to try my hand at designing a cover once, but for now, I'm excited to be doing all the networking. They have all just been too sweet, and Stewart Kirby is hilarious too! Honestly, they're a big part of what has made this year fantastic for me.The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton is a book that I'm obsessed with that Immortal Ink published. It's very refreshing and dark which I loved. The main character was quirky and independent, and everything about it appealed to me. I'm really excited for their new releases too! Four in the Morning is also another one that I think I'll fall in love with. If you'd like to sign up to be notified of Four in the Morning, head to the Immortal Ink website link above and sign up!Anyways, it's just been an amazing experience so far and I just wanted to share that with y'all! I'm sure that there will be another post in May when it opens for submissions, but have a great week! I have standardized testing this week (ugh!) but I'm hoping to at least fit a review or two in because I'm completely overdue for some!Grace