In Front of God and Everybody by KD McCrite

Came out: May 10, 2011

Pages: 304

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

Format: e-ARC

Source: NetGalley

Age Group: Young Adult


If God wanted April Grace to be kind to her neighbors, He should have made them nicer!

Growing up in the country is never easy, but it sure is funny-especially if you happen to have a sister obsessed with being glamorous, a grandma just discovering make-up, hippie friends who never shower, and brand new neighbors from the city who test everyone's patience. From disastrous dye jobs to forced apologies and elderly date tagalongs, you'll laugh 'til you cry as you read the Confessions of April Grace!

Here are just a couple of April's thoughts: On her sister, Myra Sue: "How anyone can be that dumb and still be able to eat with a fork is beyond me."  On senior citizen lovebirds: "What if they started smooching right at the table in front of God and everybody?"

In spite of all the loony characters in her life, April Grace is able to learn from her parents as they share the love of God-to even the craziest of characters!

This book was pretty good, but not overall memorable. The characters were okay, but the inner musings of April were amusing. Although, like I said, this was pretty good but not memorable. It wasn't too funny but it wasn't too deep or unique. This is going to be

There isn't really much to say about this: it had it's moments, but there weren't too many of them. The funny part about the character April Grace is that she reminded me exactly of one of my best friends. "If God wanted me to be nice to my neighbors, why'd he make them so annoying?" sounds exactly like something she would say.

I did like the idea of the book. It was about discovering God and April's unique view of the world. The writing was mediocre, the plot was okay, and the characters were pretty good. But something found me reluctant to pick it up. The description made it sound hilarious, but it wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be. The plot kind of dragged and I found myself disappointed.