In My Mailbox (13)

I actually got a pretty good haul this week. I bought a few books, got a few for review, and was given a few! I'm excited to read them, although I must admit that I've already eaten  (sorry I just watched a commercial for food and I'm pretty hungry!) read a couple of them already, I'm excited for the others.For Review:  Don't Breathe a Word by Holly CupalaNocturne by Christine JohnsonDeadly Cool by Gemma HallidayBought*:   Wildefire by Karsten KnightRipple by Mandy HubbardFins Are Forever by Tera Lynn ChildsThanks to the Kindle Store! :) Clockwork Angel by Cassandra ClareWant to Go Private? by Sarah Darer LittmanThanks to Barnes & Noble! Yes! I finally bought Clockwork Angel!Won: Jack Blank & The Secret War by Matt MykluschGiven:Thanks to Sarah from The Book Life! Already read it and loved it (review to come soon!)Thank you to everybody who supplied me with books! I'm really excited for some packages that should be arriving in the next few weeks but for now I'm content. I'll also be in a huge reading frenzy in the next few days for before I start school!

What did you get in your mailbox? 

*I also accidentally bought a copy of The Hunger Games on my Kindle. Does anybody want it? I already have three (yes, three) copies at home. Just let me know and I'll give it to you. Or if it's on anybody's RAK, that works too. :)