In My Mailbox (15)

Hey y'all!How's life treating you? I started school not this Wednesday but last Wednesday, but school actually STARTED this week, academically. Of course, we already have quizzes and research papers (ugh) but I did get a GREAT book haul. I might miss one or two though,  because I didn't actually bring them downstairs with me and they're all up in my room, but I'm hoping I get them all.For Review: Far From The War by Jeffrey David PayneThe Dark Wife by Sarah DiemerThank you Roche Harbor and Sarah Diemer!Given:Soul Surfer by Bethany HamiltonThank you Joli!Won: Between the Sea and Sky by Jaclyn DolamoreThe Faerie Ring by Kiki HamiltonThank you Caster Girls!I think that's it this week. I'm so excited about the Caster Girls package because not only did they send me two awesome, highly-anticipated books (Jaclyn rocks and I've heard great things about The Faerie Ring), but they sent me this awesome legit Rolling Stones tote bag.It's cool. I brought it to a friend's house and she's a triplet, so it was hilarious because the guys there were jealous of it. It made me laugh. They also sent me some awesome signed swag including a SIGNED Clockwork Prince sampler! I died a little inside. My science teacher LOVES Cassandra Clare so I brought it to school to show her and it was great. I was so excited when I got my package! By the way, congratulations to whoever got the grand prize from Caster Girls, I'm sure you must have gotten a great haul this week!That's it for me. I already finished Soul Surfer and The Dark Wife, but I'm going to have some great stuff to read next week!

What did you get in your mailbox?