In My Mailbox (9)

I love traveling, but I hate having to all-but-ignore my blog for a few weeks. I'm going to Canada for two weeks. This time at least, (thank goodness), I will have wi-fi for a few days when I go into town. And access to a bookstore. And a library. I will also bringing all the books that I need to read for review.All people who I'm sending R.A.Ks too, I have sent your packages today, unless I've told you otherwise. So, you will probably get yours pretty soon. All others, I'm sending immediately when I get home in two weeks.For Review:   XVI by Julia KarrUnfriended by Kate Finn Cut by Patricia McCormickThe Lovely Shoes by Susan ShreveThanks to:BookDivasVera from Luxury ReadingI am getting more later in the week, but as I am posting this on a TUESDAY, not a SUNDAY like usual, it's a little mini. I'm really excited to read all my books though! I already read Cut, and it was amazing. The review is posted. Anyways, I'll try to post another one once I go into town one day but keep in mind that these aren't on Sundays and therefore will most likely not be able to be linked to the official IMM.I'll try to update a ton while I'm away.Happy reading!Grace