In My Mailbox February 19, 2012

Hi! Welcome to Words Like Silver!As you may be able to tell, I was selected to be an ambuzzador on Random Buzzers for the spring. That meant that I actually got some really great stuff in the mail.From Random Buzzers:Zero by Tom LeveenApart from the actual book, I also got a folder containing pens, a pamphlet about starting a book club, exclusive insight into the trailer and a letter from Tom Leveen, and some business cards that have codes on the back to redeem for buzz bucks. I'm really excited to be an ambassador. From what little I've read of the book so far (I have to catch up on several books before I can dig into it), I love the writing and the characters. It feels very unique.From Kindle Store:Bewitching by Alex FlinnSpells by Aprilynne PikeCloaked by Alex FlinnThe Chosen One by Carol Lynch WilliamsIn the reading pile:So, this is actually a feature that Rachel from Fiktshun does with her in my mailboxes. I had asked her if I could use this, but she never responded and I feel bad for not sticking to a reading schedule, so I'm going to try to stick to this. Anyways, here goes.This is one that I bought on the Kindle but I'm engrossed with it. I really would like to read it and I've been in a definite fey mood recently.


This is a Netgalley read and I am seriously behind on them. I am really looking forward to a mermaid book (I think this one is from the guy's point of view, which makes it even better!)

I'm halfway through this one right now and I'm in love with it. So, I'd like to finish it this week.

This is one that I am reviewing for another blogger. I have to read the first book as a reread because I am a little fuzzy on the details but I'm really looking forward to it. My sister loves this series!

I am an awful person and because I was sick all this week, I didn't get a chance to read a book that I promised the author a review for! I feel so bad but I'm planning on reviewing it this week so hopefully that makes up for a little bit of it.

Wishful thinking reads:

I'd love to read the sequel to Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder which is Outside In. I would also love to read Mistwood by Leah Cypress and a few other books. I have a few other books that I would love to read like Waking Storms and Juliet but other than that I'm fine.

I hope everybody had a great book week! Here's to another one!

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