In My Mailbox (It's a Sunday, Right?)

Hey y'all!This is the first live post that I've done in a while so I'm really excited to finally be getting back to y'all! I missed the blog! I did read 23 books in Canada in the time frame of about two weeks though and wrote a ton of reviews in my notebooks! I hope y'all enjoy them when they go up! I did end up going into Port Hope to buy a few books and got a book from "The Travel Fairy". The only issue was a 25-hour car ride back to Tampa when I didn't have any books that I hadn't read. I also got bitten by a spider (ow!) so my hand is swelled up to about three times its current size, so sorry if I'm slow with the tweeting and whatnot. Unfortunately, I couldn't do a vlog this week because we literally just got back last night and I was exhausted, but here are the books I got in my mailbox!For Review:Thanks to Harlequin Teen Panel! The one thing about HTP is that they always tend to send books that are already out and I read this one last year. I already reviewed it on the blog so go check it out!Bought:Bitterblue by Kristin CashoreThe Awakening by Kelley ArmstrongShine by Lauren MyracleA Discovery of Witches by Deborah HarknessNOTE: This is an adult book, not a young adult book,  but I'm really excited for it! I haven't decided whether to review it on the blog or not but I may buy the sequel, Shadow of Night, and review it. Thoughts? Should I change things up and review an adult novel?Given:You Are Here by Jennifer E. SmithThanks to "The Travel Fairy"!I hope y'all enjoyed! Look out for reviews this week! I'm really excited to be back! Curious to what I've been up to? Check out my personal blog for everything I've been thinking about and doing recently!Grace