In Real Life: Dance

 Hey y'all! I actually saw this idea on Twitter a few weeks back, but not only do I think that it's a great idea (whoever came up with it, I would give you credit, but I forgot who it was!) but I'm also suffering from reviewer's block, which I will definitely have to fix soon.This is just a little post with some more about me, since my "About Me" page is pretty brief. Since I just had dance, I'm going to talk about the "dance" part of my identity.I've been dancing for my entire life but I quit when I was seven because I thought that the acro teacher was mean. Then, when I was nine, I went to see The Nutcracker which inspired me to start ballet in January.I danced at one studio up until I was 12 and then I broke my ankle last year. This year, I tried to go back but I disagreed with the teacher and she set me back in my classes because she thought I needed to catch up.It was only this year (after switching to my new studio) that I've really started to get into dance. I've always loved it, but this year I wanted to take as many classes as possible. There's one goal that I've been working towards for the past two years and that's to make the high school dance team. I won't mention the name of the dance team for sake of anonymity but they're absolutely stunning.It's incredibly competitive because they've gone to Nationals and they have the best choreographers and the best girls. The standards are high, technique has to be impeccable, and they only take the best. I'm definitely not the best, but after this year I think I might actually have a shot.There are a few girls that I'm worried about, but this studio has definitely prepared me. I feel like I've learned more in half a year at this studio than I did for my entire life at my old studio. They don't let me cheat in ballet (and my teacher actually used to dance in the Miami Ballet) on developpes and relax when the teacher isn't looking. When I came to this studio, I could barely do a double pirouette. At my first class, my teacher corrected something that I had been doing wrong my entire life. Now I can do four or five pirouettes. I'm much more flexible, stronger, and my dance teachers are the best people you could imagine from actual dance backgrounds.It's like a family and that makes me blissfully happy. I've made so many friends through it and I'm in classes with high schoolers instead of my age group. I'm the only eighth grader on my level, but the girls in my classes still treat me like one of them. I'm in classes with the dance team members that I long to be like and I'm friends with many of them.Last year I went to watch auditions and I feel like that helped but there's still the gnawing sensation of doubt and worry. What if I don't make it? It says that if I don't make it, I'll be crushed. It's what I've been working for. Truthfully, I will be crushed. I'll be devastated but I will try again for next year, and I'll get through it. Now at this studio, I actually have a chance and hope, and that means more to me.I've definitely grown as a dancer. I've learned more about the industry and I feel like I've been blind before this studio. I used to love dance but still dread classes because of the cliques and the harshness of it but I feel like this studio is more disciplined but also warmer and I am so glad that I made the switch.I work on my own now and that's been helping a lot. I'm counting down the days until May and tryouts! I want it so badly that it's not even a want anymore, but a need. People used to think that I wouldn't make it in that snide way where it seems like you can see into their souls and you know that they don't believe in you. Now that I've improved, who knows? If they saw me now, they might think differently.Watching dancers like Leighanna Kennett and Melanie Moore and Jordan Clark who dance with such passion and incredible technique make me want to dance. Every time I watch one of their videos, I want to be up there performing. It's dancers like those that make you want to be one of them.Dance is the only sport (yes, it is a sport!) where you can find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. That's why I love it. To learn more about theart of ballet dancing check out mfa degree classes.Curious which classes I take? I take hip hop and ballet on Wednesdays, and on Thursdays, I take ballet, turns and leaps, and jazz/lyrical. On Sundays, I have privates, and every other day I'm practicing or working out or working towards being a part of the dance team.Inspired? Get even more and watch one of the videos below.Blinding - Leighanna Kennett[youtube=]Howl - Leighanna Kennett[youtube=]For The First Time - Leighanna Kennett[youtube=]What Sound - Jordan Clark[youtube=]