Introducing Jacob and Tome Quester!

A few months ago, I received an email. After reading Jacob's email, I was ecstatic. He sounds like a boy who thinks the same way I do. It's tough being so passionate about something and not having people (like all you lovelies in the bookish community) who share them with you. Also, he is Floridian!

Hey, my name is Jacob, I live in Florida, and like you, reading is my passion. Over the course of time, I stumbled upon your blog and found it interesting mainly because you, like myself, are a young reader. I've read several of your reviews on fantasy novels and found that you are also an excellent writer. But you, being a girl, focus on girl's literature, so I had an idea. Why not create a boy geared counterpart to your blog? I've read and reviewed some early releases so I have some experience so I was hoping that  perhaps in the future, we could work together. Maybe I email you some reviews of books and you read them, and if you like them, I could start up a site and we could work parallel to each other. Email me back if you are interested.FromJacob

This made my day. Immediately, I emailed back asking where in Florida he lived and what he was thinking about for the blog. I know that my blog is mostly "girl's" literature even though I'm not really a fan of when people divide them into "boy" and "girl" books. Although, more guys read fantasy than paranormal romance, so that was completely understandable.
Imagine my shock when I found out that he actually lives in my hometown! While he doesn't go to my school (the grades are so small that really, I would have known), he does go to another private school that we compete against in sports and such. We're in the same grade! We do similar things, and our headmasters work with each other a lot. He's going to a different school than I am going to next year, but I'm still excited!
I'll admit, I'm hoping that our friendship turns out to be like H.D. and Melina's.
Jacob and I have both reviewed for our lovely independent bookstore, Inkwood. He sent me a sample review and I was blown away by his writing. His interests, his reading and writing styles...they're almost parallel to mine!
Jacob and I will be running "brother" and "sister" blogs. Words Like Silver will be closely linked with Tome Quester, in the sense that a school for boys has a "sister" school...we'll be different blogs run separately, but working together on a lot of projects and associated. Jacob has a passion for fantasy, and I'm really excited to nerd out together during our blogging experiences.
Jacob's blog has just been started up, but I highly encourage you guys to go and check it out. I'll definitely be asking for Jacob's help to design my blog, because his blog design is fantastic! I love his avatar, and I can't wait until he gets some reviews up there because you will definitely not want to miss out. Jacob is also working with me and a group of several other teen bloggers on a project that we will be unveiling in a short while, one that I hope many of you will enjoy.
Make him welcome! Visit his blog! Say hi!
If Jacob sets up any social media accounts, I'll link up. I'll also be adding a link on my sidebar and on my "About" page. Y'all may see me popping over to Tome Quester and Jacob coming to Words Like Silver soon!
Happy reading!