Hey y'all!It's Grace here, in the middle of my busiest week of spring term. Nowadays, I'm in charge of the student organizations' budget, which has required a lot of back-and-forth with various folks (as well as a ton of spreadsheets.) I'm giving my head a rest for a few minutes between class, violin, and allocations tonight to (naturally) talk about the books I will read when I have time.Spring term is fascinating in the sense that I do have more time than during winter term, but much more of it is devoted to spending time with people I won't see over the summer -- or in the fall, when many of my friends will be abroad. The few responsibilities that I do have take a lot longer, and I'm trying to somehow put together the details for my major track and summer plans.Goooood times.I've been rereading one of my favorite books, Fingerprints of Youwhich continually stuns me with its beauty and specificity. I love books that hone tiny human details, very odd observations that lend the narrative such believability. The details are phenomenal and the main character is thoughtful. Beyond colorful.Also reading I Have Lost My WayWhile I used to find Gayle Forman to be relatively plainspoken, I've grown to appreciate her work much more as I've gotten older -- understanding the echoes and undertones in her words that speak to poignant feelings. Truly an art, and I love that she's challenging herself as a writer. I'm not far through this one but I like the slow build of it!I'm reading -- or rather, read -- Blackfoot Physics by F. David Peat because I've been studying Native American and Western ideals within science for my spring term class. It's a little too anecdotal for the purpose of the research I'm doing, but has been relatively interesting in comparing the two.I just finished Little & Lion a few days ago, which I adored. The descriptions of L.A. were beyond vivid (perfect for summertime) and loved the tenderness and complexity of the relationship between Suzanne (Little) and her brother Lionel (Lion.) The book distinctly explores ideas about mental health, sexuality, race, and family, in a delicate and beautiful way. It's above all a story about siblings and home that reverberates.Additionally, I KNOW that I need to read Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail before I actually hike the Pacific Crest Trail this summer with a friend! It'd be a tragedy if not, and I'm looking to devour as much literature about the PCT as possible before going and living in the woods for a few weeks.Lots of contemporary for me nowadays. I've checked out a ton of books from the library, but I'm not looking to tear through many of them since it's nearly my last week of school, and I'm looking to spend some quality time with the people around me.Definitely excited to have reading time this summer though!