My New Writing Blog

Like I mentioned in my earlier post today, I am going to be an intern for Immortal Ink Publishing. That is one of the reasons that I have been somewhat absent from my blog this week. The other is because of something else: a new blog.I have decided to create a writing blog, one to be linked to this blog, but serves more as a writing diary and a place for inspiration than a frequently updated blog. I'm going to try to, but I'd rather be actually writing than writing about writing.I'm going to essentially have two types of posts:Inspiration: Whether it be "audible" inspiration (songs and quotes) or "visual" inspiration which will be pictures or trailers or whatever, I'm going to be trying to spread inspiration. Inspiration and passion are the parents of creation.Diaries: This is going to be my personal experience with writing and updates on how it is going.It's a well-known fact that many who love to read, write. I am one of those people and I can't live without a pen and paper, or a computer to create characters and stories on. I may periodically post a short story, poem, or essay of mine, but this is mostly a creative outlet and a way for me to inspire myself to keep going and to keep writing.People often ask me how I came up with the name for my blog. Words Like Silver. It's kind of strange, but musical and almost ethereal which is what I was aiming for. It just popped in my head and it seemed perfect.My writing blog is called Viva La Inspiration. This basically means "long live inspiration". Isn't that what we want to happen? For inspiration to live long inside of us and inspire these new stories and escapes for us? Indeed, long live inspiration.I hope you enjoy.Happy writing!Grace 

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