National Poetry Month

Hey y'all!In honor of National Poetry month during April, I've been thinking about what poems and poets I really wanted to spotlight here on the blog. Previously, I've only been able to post during my Top Ten Tuesday related to poetry. If you follow me on Twitter, I tend to tweet (a lot of) poems day-to-day but they can get a little scattered.In the next month, I'm going to spotlight a classification of poetry a week: classical, contemporary, and spoken. In my eyes, poetry can be pretty clearly divided between these three lines.Classically, I'm a self-proclaimed Neruda fangirl. His emotional lines, gorgeous word choice, and absorbing style get me every time. I've also been told that his vowel choice is really nice to read in Spanish, but unfortunately I'm in French and Latin so that doesn't really affect my personal viewing of his poems. Rilke is also really excellent, and Charles Bukowski is good if you don't mind being a little depressed at the end of the book. Baudelaire and Rumi? Check. I jokingly told a few friends that one of my goals for the year was to be a little more pretentious, poetry-wise. I would love to immerse myself even further in "traditional" poetry.When it comes to contemporary poets, I veer majorly towards poets that use synesthesia and such. I have a full-on obsession with Shinji Moon and Iain S. Thomas from the famous I Wrote This For You. They have this way with words that wraps around you. Not only am I not a particular fan of rhyming, but their styles are both distinct and lovely. Contemporary poetry speaks the truth clearly but it's all conveyed so beautifully with a complexity that I could only pray to one day have in my writing. This is the type of writing that's purely stunning and I could read for hours.Spoken poetry is one that I used to be really hesitant about but that I'm warming up to because of Andrea Gibson, Neil Hilborne, and Sarah Kay. It's nice because spoken poems can ramble in a way that mimics thought, so engrossed in different descriptions and conversations and an unadulterated view on real life. It's vivid, it's a performance - it connects really well. If done by a good poet, it's captivating beyond anything else.So stick around! I'll be showing off some of my favorite poems on the blog, from my thousands of screenshots in the poetry folder on my phone, and the underlines in my favorite poetry books.

What are some of y'all's favorite poems?