Perfect (Fictional) Valentine's Day Date Guest Post

Who's your dream book boyfriend? What would your dream date with him be like?This was a guest post that I did for Racquel at The Book Barbies along with a group of other fabulous bloggers. I'm not posting their responses, but here's mine (slightly elongated because I tend to ramble like that). I hope you enjoy!Wow. Where do I even begin? I always joke about how I'm looking for a "book boyfriend" - one of those fictional guys that you read about and instantly fall in love with. This got me thinking about love triangles. In books, there are usually those guys that you love and are best friends with and then you meet a guy who is flawed but passionate, intense, and of course, good looking. I definitely go back and forth on my perfect guy, especially how there are so many in YA. I want one of the guys who is intense and passionate, but not overbearing. It has to stem out of a friendship and he has to be good. I want a guy like Peeta from The Hunger Games or Lend from Paranormalcy but I find myself swooning over guys like Vincent from Die for Me or Stefan from The Vampire Diaries. Especially Stefan in the TV show. I'm a teenage girl. In the words of my friend (to be unnamed because I know she reads this and will be annoyed if I mention her by name), his abs are "freakin' amazing!"


While all these guys are incredible, my dream guy would probably be Sam from Shiver or James from Lament, ironically both books by the same author. Sam dates a girl named Grace - it's fate! - and I'm almost exactly like James himself.I write all over my hands and he is passionate and intense about his music, but he makes you laugh. He's a best friend first and then is a boyfriend. He'll listen to you and console you even when it's his heart that is broken and as a boyfriend, he's the best person you could ask for. He makes you laugh with his funny t-shirts and hilarious one-liners, but his wit is completely natural. He embraces who he is - the good and the bad - and is the most honest person that you could ever know of. He plays the bagpipes and listens to music so beautiful that it hurts. He sees the emotion in everything and has a way of coaxing it out. He creates magic. The love he has for Deidre is the sweetest and he suffers in silence because she'll always be in love with Luke. Although he's hurt that she won't love him, he still loves her and is always looking out for her as her best friend. He just sounds amazing. I think I'd go with James. He isn't the first person to pop up in your mind when you think of fictional boyfriends, but he's the best. And as much as James would laugh about my perfect date, he'd secretly love it.My dream date is going to the beach. That's it. We would spend the day laughing on the beach, swimming, relaxing, just talking for the majority of the day. Getting a bit of a sunburn, walking across the street to a diner or the country club to get peppermint milkshakes. We spend the entire day stretched out on a towel, playing volleyball, talking underneath the pounding sun. We indulge in our little kid selves, playing in the sand with enthusiastic cries of "SUGAR COOKIES!" as we douse ourselves in water and roll in the powdery sand. We build a sandcastle or two, combing the beach for the perfect shell and imagining the burrowing creatures inside them. Then at sunset we would maybe go for a walk or something and then we would go night-swimming. We would watch the reflection of the silvery moon on the water and listen to the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore that can't ever be replicated, that comes completely with being at the beach. Feeling the way that the beach always makes me feel...magical and mysterious and like nothing could make me as happy as I would be then. I know, it sounds cheesy, but that has both the friendship but it's still romantic and enough of a romantic gesture to make my inner romantic swoon. The good part is that the beach is an hour away, so we could visit sporadically and do the same thing. So, James, how about it?