Real Life Relationships vs. YA Relationships

reading coupleIn honor of Valentine's Day season, I decided to ask a few of my blogger friends about questions that I've been debating about YA romance vs. real life romance. As many of you probably saw last week, there were tons of people carting around flowers, teddy bears, balloons, chocolates, or making out in the hallways at school.There's a huge difference between real life relationships and romance vs. how they're perceived in YA. There's always the standard formula for romance in YA. There are SO many differences. Despite this, we still dig into romantic reads and daydream about fictional boyfriends (ahem, most of the Twitter population) and still long for that YA-worthy moment.It's no secret that my favorite thing to read about is romance. It's actually hard to find a YA book WITHOUT some sort of romantic relationship in it. Love triangles? Check. Moody boy with a secret in a paranormal novel? Check. Friend who turns into something more? Check. There are so many STANDARDS in YA when it comes to relationships.Today, Willa, Reut, and I are telling you how it's different in real life based on our experiences with boys, friendships, and the general awkwardness of being teenagers.

Who is your favorite YA couple?

Reut, 15Follow Reut on Twitter here.
My favorite YA couple! There are definitely many answers to this one, but the two people that first pop into my head are Taylor Markham and Jonah Griggs, from Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. Jellicoe Road is not truly a romance, it is more of a coming-of-age that contains a romance. And what a romance it is. There are cross-Australia road trips, territory wars, broken fingers and see-through nighties and at the heart of it all are Taylor and Jonah, a pair who are so intertwined and similar it is hard to see how they could ever be compatible. They have history, an incredibly sad one at that, and they harbor resentment towards each other, among many other buried feelings. I was a goner from this line:
"I'm here because of you. You're my priority. Your happiness, in some fucked way, is tuned in to mine. Get that through your thick skull. Would I like it any other way? Hell, yes, but I don't think that will be happening in my lifetime.”

How do you think YA relationships are different from real life relationships?

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YA romance and real life romance have such different standards. In reality, boys and relationships and friendships are just so confusing.For one, the actual getting together is different. You second guess everything you say or do, there's a lot more gray area, and it's really uncomfortable at times. It's not perfect, but those little imperfections are what makes it perfect for you. In YA, everything seems to come so easily to the characters. In real life, there's this confusing stage called "talking", there's a lot more texting involved, there are a thousand more factors. It's not just that you see some attractive guy and immediately fall in love and beat out the obstacles. Secondly, in YA, it's a lot of immediate love and liking. For most teenagers, it's not really about that right away. I'm of the personal belief that it should be about being best friends. There's a lot more goofiness and silliness involved as well. In YA, there tends to only be one type of love and relationship. YA CHARACTER, STOP BEING SO SMOOTH AND PERFECT ALL THE TIME. THAT'S NOT REALISTIC. It's a lot harder to describe in real life. There's not always some issue or drama standing between two people.I'm only a freshman but I'm exposed to this all the time at school. It's a lot more confusing than YA makes it out to be and it doesn't happen in the same way. Moments can be really nice and really awkward at the same time, and that's something that YA doesn't really discuss, but in a way, I think the awkwardness is what makes it even better. Sugar-sweet YA can be great to read about, but the imperfections and little things make it better and more perfect. Real life is a lot more memorable.

Why do you read YA romance?

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I adore romance. Mainly because it gives stories another element, but either way, I think romance adds so much more to a story. I love romance, so much. I think (I really have no clue of this) that love in YA is more perfect. But in many ways it's also very, very flawed in so many ways. I love that in all YA Romances I adore, there is always some sort of flaw, especially when those flaws are so human in every way.Thanks so much guys! For those of you who don't know, Willa and Reut are some FANTASTIC book bloggers around my age. They're both fabulous, and I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Willa at BEA last year! I hope y'all enjoyed!Grace