Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick (Audiobook)

Release Date: October 4, 2011

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Format: Audio (CDs)

Source: Audiobook Jukebox

Length: 8 CD (9.5 hours)

Silence (Hush, Hush, #3)

The noise between Patch and Nora is gone. They've overcome the secrets riddled in Patch's dark past...bridged two irreconcilable worlds...faced heart-wrenching tests of betrayal, loyalty and trust...and all for a love that will transcend the boundary between heaven and earth. Armed with nothing but their absolute faith in one another, Patch and Nora enter a desperate fight to stop a villain who holds the power to shatter everything they've worked for--and their love--forever.

This book took forever to get through. Normally audiobooks don't for me because I listen to them all the time. This book just felt to me like it took ages and way longer than the 9.5 hours that it promised. Part of this was because although I was compelled by the book when I got into it, I got extremely annoyed at the beginning what with the rehashing of scenes and how slow it seemed to go. In print you can ignore that but on audio it was harder to get into that with Nora trying to figure out what was going on.Sometimes I had to pause the audio to wrap my head around something or try to persuade myself to listen to a particularly boring segment. The luxury of print was that you could skip ahead, but I wish that Becca Fitzpatrick had gone without the amnesia storyline.I did love Silence though and I am so glad that this isn't the final book. While lacking some of the tension of the former books, it showcases Fitzpatrick's writing and makes you notice character details and such that you didn't before. It had its perks and flaws to being on audio, but overall I found it pretty good.The first thing that I noticed about Silence was the raspiness of Caitlin's voice. It was very wholesome though. I didn't necessarily like how when she said certain words, you could hear her tongue pressing up against her teeth and making the word lisp a bit. I don't think that she is especially suited for narrating more suspenseful books but I do think that she'd be suited for contemporary. I don't know why, it's just my perception of her character. If you look at her bio, the other books she has narrated are contemporary but either way I had imagined Nora's character a bit differently.I did like the voice even though it didn't seem much like Nora's voice. Caitlin Greer has a very unique voice and that can be good for other books but with a suspense-filled book like this one, I think that it made it a bit flat. I imagined Nora's voice to be a bit deeper and clearer, something that suited her thoughtful character. I didn't really think of Caitlin's voice for a darker book.Caitlin Greer's voices for other characters were pretty great. For female characters, it was very subtle in the way that she switched tones. While at some times you had to think a bit about whether she had switched characters or not during long phases of dialogue because they were similar, it was nice to have it not very exaggerated. While most voices in reality are distinct but still similar, her voices were very close to that.For male characters, Caitlin ventured a bit more into distinct territory but they did feel a bit cliche. I did like her voices for them though and you could feel undercurrents of emotion that made the story come alive versus reading it on paper.I loved Patch's voice when it was narrated from the third person (like in the beginning, when the narrator is speaking of a scene in a graveyard). It was very deep and clear but also gravelly in a way that I had always imagined Patch's to be like. It was great for the feel of the scene.One of the things that I had usually missed while reading the previous two in this series was the writing. I do feel as if being on audio made me notice how well Becca strung words together and really fall in love with the description. Before, I was distracted by the undercurrents of tension and not as much by the writing.She has an excellent talent for sensory detail which you can miss while devouring the pages and eagerly trying to figure out what happens. The plot twists are fun, but I did like how on audio I could really imagine the scene in my head as if it was a movie or a dream because of the writing. I hadn't noticed that Becca Fitzpatrick was as good at description that she was.While I do associate her with suspense and paranormal, with that kind of writing, Fitzpatrick could even write an extremely compelling contemporary. Her writing was evocative and lent another level to the story that left me breathless.In Crescendo, Nora was kidnapped by the Black Hand. In Silence, she wakes up in a cemetery with the past months of her life blacked out. She lost part of her life, and is terrified of her captor, whom she has no memory of. What if she knew him and didn't even know it? What exactly happened when she was gone? Why does she have a sense that she's missing something very important?Like in my review of Tempest, one of my favorite parts of this book was watching Patch and Nora rediscover each other, or more like Nora rediscovering Patch. It was like the first book all over again, but different because of the specific events that interfered with it. I kind of wish that Becca Fitzpatrick hadn't gone with this plotline because it was slightly annoying experiencing everything over again, but it was fine the way she pulled off Patch and Nora falling in love again. However, I did have a few problems with it.Like with this season of The Vampire Diaries, I get so irritated when a relationship is built up to this true love and then something happens and you're waiting for them to get back together again. That's how I felt with Patch and Nora. I wanted them to be completely in love forever and I get so sick of sitting around waiting for them to realize that they have to be together.One of the trademarks of this series is that it has an excellent balance between content and explanations versus action scenes and thriller-like twists. While there is always an undercurrent of suspense in these books, in this book it came slower and not as consistently as in the previous books. I always love being able to tear through the books and that's why I found myself slightly frustrated, whether due to the plotline or to the translation to audio, it may be a mixture of both. I wasn't a huge fan of how slow it seemed to be on audio. A huge part of this book was about Nora rediscovering what she missed. While I'm glad that we didn't have to experience her in captivity, I felt like it left a gap where I would have liked to see things pick off from. The amnesia story plotline made it feel like it was the easy way out.I did like Nora in this, but I felt like she had a few flaws. I don't know whether they were already there or whether I was just discovering them, at times I found her annoying. However, she was loyal and sweet and the type of normal person that you could be friends with. She made a great protagonist because she was relatable and interesting enough to make a great narrator. My only problem with Nora was that in this book, she blamed a lot on other people and tended to be a bit self-absorbed. While it wasn't a big part of the book that this happened and it didn't annoy me enough to say that I didn't like her character, I didn't like her poor-little-me thoughts when she didn't think about how her disappearance affected others too. It was traumatic, but it doesn't need to be overdramatic. Although if I think about it, I probably would have reacted the same way too.Patch was even more magnetic than usual. He has an attractive quality about him that makes you immediately be able to pick him out in the narration. He was alluring and mysterious. While some people had issues with him in Hush, Hush, he definitely improved. He wasn't as arrogant or mean, but had a bad-boy quality that many people like. While I usually like reading about the wholesome good-guy or the passionate and artsy guy, the bad boy relationship was a refreshing change in a world of love triangles. While he was a bad boy, he wasn't ridiculously cliche either.Vee was as enjoyable as ever. She was spunky and sweet and just hilarious at times. She was the fiery girl who you'd love to have as a best friend and her character spiced up the scenes that she was in. She reminds me of my friend actually and it was funny to mentally compare them in the book. She was very nice to Nora and helpful while Nora was trying to get her memory back. While frankly I found her a bit annoying in Crescendo, Silence showed a more tender side to her character. While Vee is a pretty minor character, I wish she would have a larger role because she's one of my favorites because of this book.The supporting characters were FANTASTIC. Blythe (Nora's mom) was great and the others just drove the book home. They all supported the plot and contributed immensely. Marcie was as interesting as usual and her character has always been complex to me. I can never decide whether I like her and hate her and that always makes me look forward to scenes with her in them.The plot itself has always fascinated me. I enjoy books with a lot of historical or religious background that have a lot of thought behind them. The fallen angel storyline with the Nephilim and such has always been one of my favorite parts of this book. I love how much the story has been developed. The entire plot is riddled with so many twists and so many intriguing new pieces of information that it's always a joy to read to see what else is added in.While I did also think that Caitlin Greer's voice was not especially suited to this audiobook as well that it was frustrating how slow it was, I did think that one of the advantages of it being on audio was recognizing the craft of writing and how well it is written.Like in every review of one of Becca Fitzpatrick's books....THE ENDING! Ohmygosh the ending! I don't know whether it was great that I got to savor it on audio or impatient that I didn't know what happened RIGHT THAT SECOND. Of course since I read faster that it was read to me, I was a bit annoyed by the pace but also glad that it wasn't ending. It was one of those books that I both wanted to tear through and slow down on because I didn't want it to end. The ending left me jumbled and practically incoherent because I wanted the next one immediately. That's one of the problems about reading a book with an incredible ending.Overall, I loved Silence! While it was distinctly slower than the previous books and it could be frustrating at times, I am looking forward to the fourth book (although I'll be unwilling to let go of the characters). It translated well to audio in some parts and not so well to audio on others but I'm glad that I had the chance to listen to it. I may end up buying a print copy as well and I do think that I'll read the final book in print, but it was pretty great. If you're looking for a great series, try the Hush, Hush series. It's not for everyone but you may end up loving it like I do.Recommended for anybody who loves: Fallen; Delirium; Halo; Beautiful Creatures; thriller-like novels; fallen angels; Sweet Evil; etc,.Possible book club questions:How did the amnesia storyline work in the favor of the book? How did it not? Did you like it?What do you believe about Marcie? Is she good or bad? Use examples from the plot to support your answer.Do you think that it is good for Nora to have murderous feelings towards her captor or not? Why?How was Nora and Patch's second relationship different than their first? Do you think this will affect them in the long run?etc,.