Take Me to the Bookstore (May 23-28)

Some really great books came out this week. Debuts, sequels, paperbacks, everything. I have seen some of them on NetGalley, but for the rest of them, I am exercising incredible self-restraint so that I will not immediately demand to be taken to the bookstore.This week's releases include...  The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady CrossWrapped by Jennifer Bradbury  Lark by Tracey PorterThe A Circuit by Georgina Bloomsburg Awaken by Katie KacvinskyBlood Magic by Tessa Gratton  Angel Burn by L.A. WeatherlyBetween Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott Putting Makeup on Dead People by Jen VioliThe Warlock by Michael Scott

Tessa Gratton visited at Random House a little while agoPutting Makeup on Dead People was on NetGalleyThe Story Siren interviewed the author of Awaken on the blog a while ago
Happy Reading!