Take Me to the Bookstore (May 8 - May 15)

This is a post basically saying what books have come out this week! I know I do a "Books to Crave" for the month, but these are basically what books came out per week, a more detailed version. Note that these are not all the books that came out this week, are organized by date, and can be purchased on Amazon.


But I Love Him by Amanda Grace OyMG by Amy Fellner DominyDie for Me by Amy PlumTempest Rising by Tracy Deebs    

Popular by Alissa GrossoThings I Know About Love by Kate Le VannThe Daughters Take the Stage by Joanna PhilbinJane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever by Caissie St. Onge


What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah DessenTighter by Adele GriffinThe Lucky Kind by Alyssa B. SheinmelKiss of Death by Lauren Henderson


My Life, The Theater, and Other Tragedies by Allen ZadoffFlawless by Lara ChapmanDreamland Social CLub by Tara Altebrando


I'm really really excited to read all of these. I'm agonizing about which ones I can buy so that I don't become broke. You know how some people lose all their money because of a gambling addiction? Mine's the same, except with books. Tighter looks eerie, What Happened to Goodbye looks great, Dreamland Social Club looks quirky, Tempest Rising looks mermaid-y (translation: awesome).....so many books! Oh my goodness, I can't decide!



Ghost and the Goth by Stacey KadeSiren by Tricia RayburnRaised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn BarnesTempted by P.C. and Kristin Cast


I must admit that I'm slightly bummed that for the paperback edition of Siren, they're changing the cover. This cover (the one up there is the hardcover cover) isn't as eerie and spooky as the hardcover. Also, I could have sworn that the Ghost and the Goth was already a paperback. Or maybe I'm thinking of Generation Dead. Or both.