For those in the US, we're celebrating Thanksgiving today. For my family, that means eating a Kringle in the morning while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I'm especially excited this year because a few girls in my dance class are dancing in it, and they're amazing, so I can't wait to see them in it. Then, after finishing up pies and making sure that we have everything, we drive to my uncle's farm.Having Thanksgiving on the farm is a recently new development starting last year. Before that, my parents would host at our house, but we decided to switch it up.I am thankful for so many things, that it's hard to condense in a post. I'm thankful for my family overall, and my twin, Hannah. Family is something that you just have to have to feel complete. Even if you don't have people directly related to you, you can have a family. Anybody who you love and you know loves you. I'm grateful for that.I'm thankful for the inspiration that keeps me going. Without inspiration, where would I be? I'm grateful for the sunsets, the conversations, the feelings that inspire me to do more and keep going when everything seems down.I'm thankful for all of you. My blog is smaller, and I'm just trying to connect more with my loyal readers. Most of y'all seem to come back more than once or twice, and for whatever reason that may be, I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the one publisher that's noticed me so far without me requesting anything, Macmillan, because I made it a policy not to request any books until I've been blogging for eight months. I'm grateful for everybody whose commented or read a review and talked to me about it because it makes me feel like I'm doing something more.I'm grateful for everybody who's supported me. Kristi for emailing me and helping me through things, whether blog-related or something personal. She noticed me when I was small and is one of the reasons I'm here today. Although lately I haven't been able to talk to her as often, knowing that she's there is more than I could ask for.I'm grateful for my loyal blog readers Reut, Uncle Roy, Katie M., Haley, Somer, and everybody else.I'm grateful for everybody in the book and blogging community for being excited and not taking the fact that I'm a thirteen-year-old for granted. People used to not treat me like I knew what I was talking about because I was thirteen. Thanks for that!I'm thankful for Ashley M. at New Level (my dance studio) for helping me get so far and giving me hope that I might make it next year. Thanks so much. Nova Jay, Mr. Evan, and the rest of the staff at New Level Dance Company. All the girls in my classes for entertainment and help.I'm thankful for all the opportunities that I've gotten this year and will hopefully get in the future. I've been wanting to start making a difference and finding my place in the world now instead of waiting until I'm older. I've finally gotten the chance to do so and I savor it. I'm so excited for this year and so happy that everybody's been helping me do so.I'm thankful for the publishers wanting to do so much for bloggers, the way that we band together when one of us needs support, and the way that the entire book community is so warm and open to everybody. I'm thankful for my amazing indie bookstore Inkwood Books who I can't even put into words how amazing they are. They make my world light up. I'm thankful for books, for letting me escape when everything seems to much, and letting me live a thousand lives while I'm living mine.I'm thankful for everything and more because without it I wouldn't be me. I thank everybody for helping me become me this year.Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that some people look over. People are already starting Christmas preparations, and to be honest, before this year I was probably one of them, mentally skipping over Thanksgiving. To be honest, I also don't really like turkey that much or gravy, haha.Anyways, this year something's changed. Whether that's I've realized how much I have to be thankful for, I don't see the holiday season. I see THANKSGIVING.So sit back, relax, eat turkey, and talk with your families. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody.

What are you thankful for?


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