The Debut Debates: Twilight

Just so you know, I've decided to start a weekly meme. It's going to be about those books that half of the population hates and half the population loves. To start off, I'm going to do a popular one: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I'm going to tell you my response to it, and then I would love to hear anybody else's response below in the comments.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyers

I'm also going to start out with a positive and then I will do a negative, both with an equal amount of points and arguments.Positive:

  • He's so protective.

       Who doesn't love to be doted upon? Edward saves Bella, again and again. He protects her from everything, including himself. He saved her from being hit by a car, knowing that he will be chewed out by his siblings for it. He is willing to give up everything for the love of his life.

  • She loves him completely.

       Bella is completely in love with Edward. No matter how much he tries to protect her from himself, she will always be loyal to him. She yearns for him and constantly wants to be by his side. She loves him so much that she is willing to give up everything for him.

  • Their true love will last.

They are planning on spending eternity together. They spend every night together. They've just met, but they know in their hearts that they are meant to be.

  • There is action.

Because of their love, James is trying to make her suffer. It's a game, and their love must fight through it. Bella is willing to sacrifice herself for the people she loves, and Edward is determined to stop her from doing just that. Fight scenes, love, who could want anything more?

  • She is ordinary.

It gives inspiration that a plain girl like her could be drawn into something so extraordinary. It gives hope to the rest of us.Negative:

  • He's obsessed with her, and watches her. Kind of creepy, isn't it?

He watches her from her window and comes into her room every night. He is constantly with her and controls everything she does. He refuses to let her see her friends (Jacob) and only lets her see his point of view.

  • He's much older than her.

He is 109 years old, and she is only seventeen. That is an example of extreme pedophilia. They make out, they talk about marriage. That would be illegal if he actually 'fessed up to his age.

  • She gives up her entire life for him and is constantly comparing herself  to him.

Read Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski. Devi has given up her entire life for Bryan and after he dumps her, she stands there without any friends, without a good college to go to, and without a cell phone. Literally, she has nothing. You'd think that Bella would realize the consequences of her actions. Also, she constantly says that she's plain and ordinary, and talks about Edward as if he is a god. Then, Edward feels the same way about her. It's really annoying.

  • Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith came out in 1990 and Twilight came out in 2005. Everyone insists that everything rips off Twilight. But, in reality, Vampire Diaries was the original.

The seventeen-year-old vampire who is really over a century old falling in love with a human girl? Drinking animal blood because it keeps him strong (but not as strong as human blood would make him) so that he isn't a monster? Sounds familiar, doesn't it? That's called Vampire Diaries. All the deluded people who think that Twilight was the original and every other vampire love story rips them off, think again.

  • After just meeting, they have decided that they are meant tobe, sounding like every other "infatuated teen on the planet".

Apparently, Bella and Edward are mature enough that after a few weeks, they find themselves able to make a decision that will influence the rest of their lives. They are "made for each other" and are apparently soul mates. They can think clearly and it's more than infatuation: it's true love. That was sarcasm, for anybody who didn't catch that.My Personal Opinion:It's okay. I like it. I'm not with the obsessive fans, but I'm not with the haters either. While I do find faults with both sides of the argument, I find myself fairly neutral. I think of Twilight as a road trip book. The type of book that is long and interesting enough for me to find myself burying my nose in it for a few hours, but not where I love it enough to spend serious time reading it when there are other books to be read.Thank you! Remember to post your response!Love,Grace