Title Reveal of Lisa Desrocher's Third Novel

I adored Personal Demons. I haven't (unfortunately) had a chance to read Original Sin, but I'm hoping to change that. It was original, it was fresh, filled with action, sexy, and just plain awesome!Today, on her website, Lisa Desrochers showed us the title for Personal Demons #3. Previously known as Hellbent, this novel is being published by Tor Teen in May 2012.

This is what Lisa has to say on the title/art:

Lots of you have been asking about a title for The Novel Formerly Known as Hellbent! Yes we have one. And...my fabulous critique partner, Andrea Cremer, gets the credit for coming up with it.

Do you want to know what it is???Do you????Well, even more fun. My Art guy, Seth, over at Tor Teen has sent along title art. It's not the cover, but it's what the title will look like on the cover.

If you'd like to read the full article, head on over to Lisa's blog article here.I know that other people feel the same way I do because it's a very popular series, and it should be, because Lisa is a wonderful author.Happy reading!Grace