Top Six Sensations I Associate with Books

Hey y'all!I'm still in Canada so I'm actually writing this up on the Fourth of July but I hope y'all enjoy!Today is kind of a post that I have been playing around with for a while. One of the reasons I'm so picky about my books is that I need to have the perfect first read of a book because I always associate that book with the sensations that I have during my first read. It's kind of a random concept, but I'm hoping that y'all will understand when you see my top five! Technically, it's not a top ten but I'll add some more when I get back!Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. This week was a "freebie" topic so I chose to do mine on sensations associated with certain books.1. Thin Mints and The Liar Society  When I first read The Liar Society, I was eating Thin Mints. Girl scouts had just dropped them off at my house so I remember reading it and getting crumbs everywhere. Now, whenever I see that cover, I can almost taste them again.2. Oranges and Shut OutA lot of my first impressions have to do with food. What can I say? I'm growing. Anyways, I was eating a ton of oranges when I first read Shut Out so now it's permanently associated with oranges in my head.3. Heat and Blood Promiseheat When I first read Blood Promise, I remember it being practically boiling outside. It was the middle of the night, I couldn't stop reading, and I remember looking up the temperature and it being over a hundred. It's pretty normal for Floridian summers but it was ridiculously hot.4. Maple Cookies and FatefulYum. I read Fateful in Canada while chomping on some maple cookies down by the lake. But seriously, every time I even look at this cover, I remember the taste.5. Clemson and City of BonesI first read City of Bones when my sister was starting her freshman year at Clemson. We went up to South Carolina to help her move her stuff into her dorm. Halfway through, my sister and I got bored and hunted for a bookstore and food. We went to get bagels and then to the Barnes & Noble on campus. I got back to her room and read on her bed while she organized her closet and whatnot.6. Sleep and Eyes Like StarsWhen I first bought Eyes Like Stars, I took it outside to read since it was a sunny and beautiful day. I ended up falling asleep outside and sleeping really well. I was really drowsy but I was reading Eyes Like Stars before I fell asleep so it seemed almost like a dream. Paired with the lush writing and vivid imagery of Eyes Like Stars, now I always am sleepy when I read it (so usually I read it when I'm planning on taking a nap afterwards)!Those were my top sensations! I hope y'all enjoyed and I can't wait to get back from Canada and tell y'all about the incredible books I've read!Happy reading!Grace