Top Ten Books That Would Make Great Book Club Picks

I have so much to say on this topic! As you may already know,  at the bottom of almost every review are a few book club questions in case you'd like to pick up the book for your book club. I'm sure you can find many others online, but all of these are completely original unless stated that they're from another source. I've always wanted to do a book club with people my age but the girls in my grade are really busy all the time and I have no other extremely bookish girls that I know that live in Tampa. If J from The Dancing Reader lived in Tampa, I swear we would be inseparable! For the rest of you (who actually have book clubs) check these reads out! Many of them are sad or serious because those are the ones that make you think, and those types of books make you feel something.1. The Particular Sadness of Lemon CakeI want my mother to read this book so badly! If you notice any parallels between this list and my "Top Ten Books to Give as Gifts" posts, a lot of it will be parallel. This book looks like such a poignant read.2. Revolution by Jennifer DonnellyI could go on for hours about this book. This book had everything that I could ever want in a book. The characters, the story, the setting...everything just clicked and that's why it's one of my favorites.3. The Mockingbirds by Daisy WhitneyNot only is this book fantastic, but it brings up a ton of questions about character, morals, and just the way that the world works. This is definitely recommended for anybody who considers themselves a fan of contemporary YA.4. Invincible Summer by Hannah MoscowitzThis is a read for those who love raw books. Either this or Break would make fantastic book club reads. The's so angsty but it's deep and engrossing and a good story. Hannah Moscowitz's writing is amazing.5. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.This book is considered a must-read but I also think it gets overshadowed by other books such as If I Stay (which is also incredible) but the grief in this book is so powerful, that when the hope starts to trickle in, it's an experience.6. Hate List by Jennifer BrownThe first time that I read this book, I was in awe. There are constant forces battling each other: guilt, regret, sadness, happiness, all blends together into one book that will take your breath away.7. Want to Go Private? by Sarah Darer LittmanWhen you get into this book, you will be horrified. It's unspeakable, but completely engaging. Throughout this book it felt like my mind kept moving because there were so many things about this book that I wanted to talk about. It's real and it's honest and scary and extremely well-written.8. Small Town Sinners by Melissa WalkerThis book is very religious, but not preachy; however, it makes you think about beliefs, morals, and the way that we judge others. Religion was such a part of Lacey's life that it was interwoven into her character and made you think. I recommend this, especially if you are religious and I can definitely relate to Lacey's questions about faith, many of which would be prime questions for a book club to discuss.9. Before I Fall by Lauren OliverDo the concepts that Sam brings up about popularity and "earning" her spot seem fair? How does her death change her character? How does regret play a role in this? So many questions for such a provocative book. Before I Fall is one of those books that everybody has to read. Whether it impacts everybody in the same way, I don't know, but it impacts everybody.10. Cut by Patricia McCormickThis book is so stunning in an incredibly subtle way. The main character chooses not to speak but it's also like her thoughts are a whisper. Her history and thoughts are incredible to unravel and the character development in this book shows amazing skill. It's a quick read but with a lot of heart and questions surrounding it that would be beneficial for anybody.