Trailer: Passion

Who's excited for Passion?I know I am. I am OBSESSED with the Fallen books and I practically worship Lauren Kate for writing them. Dark and delicious, they are a few of my favorite books. So, I am obsessing over the third (and next to be released) book, Passion. Unfortunately, Passion comes out while I am at camp. Needless to say, I am insisting that either (a) my mom bring a copy when she picks me up (b) my counselor smuggle me in a copy on her day off (if she goes to the bookstore) or (c) sneak around with my Kindle trying to find WiFi. But the thing about the Fallen series is that they are the type of book that I like to have a print book for. The only problem is that I'm addicted to that I don't know if I have the willpower to not download it on my Kindle.The trailer was released the other day, so I thought that all of you Fallen fans might want to see it if you haven't already. I think that it is pretty good overall. Tell me what y'all think in the comments![youtube=]I don't think that Daniel is all that attractive in the trailer though. It's not how I imagined him to be. I have friends who are, and I quote, "Team Daniel" or "Team Cam" or "Team Miles". They're trying to overshadow crazed Twilight fans by acting like them. I find that pretty hilarious.Happy reading (and pining for Passion)!Grace