XVI Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations! Like I said, I only received FIVE entries so all you people who wanted this...you could have had a lot better chances if you were one of those five! Ah, well, all the best to the people who entered. 


I'll be sending all my packages for the month on August 2. All you people expecting packages from me, I'm only thirteen, do not have a car, and have people who get exasperated when I excessively ask for rides to the post office. Sorry, but that's life. You should get your package sometime in the week or so afterwards.

Oh my God, I just had a revelation. School starts soon. Oh, no.

Sorry, that just hit me. It is AUGUST. That means that school is drawing nearer! All you students out there, I can hear your collective groans. I like reading, but school involves getting up early and uber loads of stress. I like it, but I hate the stress that comes with it. You know what I mean?That was off topic. Note: today marks YA SCAVENGER HUNT! Enter for the chance to win many things from various popular authors! It's amazing! I can't wait. Enjoy! :)Grace