Waiting on Wednesday (12)

Hey y'all!It’s Grace here to do Waiting on Wednesday. Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine where bloggers and readers showcase upcoming books that they’re looking forward to reading! I’ve just recently decided to partake in it (partly due to the girls over at Lit Up Review, where I also blog) and I’ve discovered so many reads that I’m putting on my to-read list. Without further ado, here’s this week’s pick!23197623Novel: Zero Day by Jan Gangsei | GoodreadsPublisher: Disney-HyperionFormat: Hardcover

Eight years ago, Addie Webster was the victim of the most notorious kidnapping case of the decade. Addie vanished—and her high-profile parents were forced to move on.Mark Webster is now president of the United States, fighting to keep the oval office after a tumultuous first term. Then, the unthinkable happens: the president’s daughter resurfaces. Addie is brought back into her family’s fold, but who is this sixteen-year-old girl with a quiet, burning intelligence now living in the White House? There are those in the president’s political circle who find her timely return suspicious.When the NSA approaches Darrow Fergusson, Addie’s childhood best friend and the son of the president’s chief of staff, he doesn't know what to think. How could this slip of a girl be a threat to national security? But at the risk of having his own secrets exposed by the powerful government agency, Darrow agrees to spy on Addie.It soon becomes apparent that Addie is much more than the traumatized victim of a sick political fringe group. Addie has come with a mission. Will she choose to complete it? And what will happen if she does?

I heard about this book today, but I really want it. For how exciting the niche can be, I haven't read any political thrillers in a very long time - much less any promising intrigue like this one. The last I read was All Fall Down by Ally Carter (which I LOVED) and I'm eagerly waiting for the sequel to that one. I could see this sub-genre becoming much more prevalent in YA trends as dystopia dies out, as a contrast to the sci-fi and high fantasy that's become popular lately. There's a fair amount of indulgence in the connections and the high-profile dealings, as well as substance in the political details that appeals to me.I can picture this book making my heart pound. I want it to be a nail-biter. January 2016, come a little sooner?