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Hey y'all!You know that book club I've been talking about nonstop on my social media? On here, I talked about how one of my local indies - Inkwood Books - asked me to run a young adult book club. Our first meeting was last night and our first book was The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.Yesterday was a fantastic day for me. I finally met Doni Kay, the best Penguin sales rep EVER who happened to go to my high school years ago - and she's the sweetest person. I only got to talk to her for about ten minutes but I'm hoping we can really get together next time she's in town!After that, I finally got the call about my first job as a bookseller! My other phenomenal indie in the area - Oxford Exchange - is hiring me to work in their bookstore. I've been searching for a job since May and this one is one that I'm very passionate about! I can't wait to officially start. Day made.Even after that, then I had my book club. We started setting up at six after I did homework for an hour (a bookstore is the best place to study, for sure) and the Inkwood staff was so helpful. Erin, the Inkwood staffer helping me out with book club, had some great ideas and kept me organized. They were such gracious hosts!It was a fun, and eventful, day. Without further ado, here's what happened at book club last night:

THE 5TH WAVE by Rick Yancey | Goodreads

2014-09-08 08.31.24The Recap

Erin and I chatted for a bit before people started around seven. We had a few girls out for the night - sick, grounded, tutoring - but had a solid crowd of about eight girls show up. Of those eight girls, we had two that hadn't finished the book, although they were far through enough to contribute to the conversation.We had a table of food since Inkwood ordered pizza and I had spent Sunday baking. I made lemon bars and slutty brownies (a combo of cookie, brownie, and Oreos), and my friend Riley brought cookies as well as banana-chocolate-chip muffins. The spread was delicious.2014-09-08 06.02.05I had picked The 5th Wave to both get people out of their comfort zones and appeal to some guys (although we had none show up) and it provoked some interesting discussion. Starting out with general reactions to the book, most people enjoyed it. You could definitely tell that some people were trained to regurgitate school answers and it was rewarding to see some good chemistry: people could tease each other about comments and honestly admit what they thought about the book.Being moderator, I had prepared a list of book club questions but ended up just occasionally leading the conversation back to focus. While our book of the month was The 5th Wave, we led into more general topics like book-to-movie adaptations, sci-fi, and multiple points of view.2014-09-08 07.45.32Inkwood had just gotten some stunning posters featuring The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea on reverse sides so they were able to pass one out to each person who came.Apparently there's a photo contest going on related to the movie in which you can post a picture with a copy of The 5th Wave and possibly win a trip to visit the movie set- I'll add more information when I get it, so that y'all can enter if you want!After talking for about an hour, it dissolved into regular conversation and a few guideline announcements from Inkwood. For example, if you plan on participating in book club, you have to buy the spotlighted book from Inkwood and it's a $5 entrance fee. After those, we drew raffle tickets and girls went home with prizes like galleys, next month's book club pick, an Inkwood gift card, and more.So we talked and ate and laughed and overall, I think it was a pretty wonderful night! Next month's pick is A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall, which is a love story told from fourteen different points of view. Interesting, right? Even more interesting is that none of those points of view are from the couple in question.If you know any high schoolers or 8th graders in the Tampa area who might be interested, let them know! We're open to everyone and excited to get readers in there!

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