'I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.'

Elsie de Wolf

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I wouldn’t be able to run a blog without the help of some very fine friends + colleagues who helped me get my start in the book world. All the love in the world to Reut, Willa, Aneeqah, Emily, Brent, Jeremy, Jeffrey, Alexa, Erica, and others, including the personal friends who keep me going outside of the cybersphere. The pitfall of an acknowledgements section is that I could go on forever!


Being around children, vintage posters, light flickering through trees, peaches, clean ballet lines, sea air, getting caught in the rain.

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swimming under waves, salt-dried hair, cheeks pink from the sun, standing up!!!

Images from Pinterest.

While I love to read and journal, one of my favorite online pastimes is to capture things that make me happy. I love detail; I’m a huge “little things” girl. Most books I love contain those elements: the specificity and sensory images that make a story feel real. Call it a mood or aesthetic if you want. You can find specifically curated mood boards here. Here’s what makes me happy at the moment.

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outdoor showers, lavender, tan lines…


a hot bath when you’re very sore, skylines, Leon Bridges.