Tune In - October 26, 2015

tuneinHey y’all!It’s Grace. Today is a non-student day because the quarter ended last week (equally yay and nay) so I actually have a bit of time to do a post that I have a lot of fun with. Although I love books, I do enjoy other mediums - like movies and music and all. I haven't been able to watch much lately but I have been listening to a lot.Plus, I decided to do NaNoWriMo again this year - which should be interesting - so I'm on the hunt for some great, eerie writing tunes. You can add me at GraceSmithWLS.Here’s what I’ve been listening to.

My Playlists


This is actually a playlist that's one of my character names. I wanted it to be a morning mood, one that's very acoustic and minimal. I listen to this one a lot when I'm waking up or working on scenes that are less dramatic.Screenshot 2015-10-26 10.49.58Screenshot 2015-10-26 10.50.14


About a year ago, I completely gave up on making playlists for moods, and just started doing it by date. As opposed to being labeled, I have them sorted by connotations because I'm a relatively synesthetic person. I know exactly what my November moods are. This was last month.

Screenshot 2015-10-26 10.55.21Screenshot 2015-10-26 10.55.32

My Podcasts

1400x1400srI have NEVER tried podcasts before, but they've always been on my list. But when Jen wrote a post on how #GIRLBOSS radio now exists, I had to try them out - and downloaded way too many. I love love love the idea of #GIRLBOSS and the movement behind it. I even wrote a post on it a while back. As for the podcast? Even Sophia Amoruso's voice is remarkably crisp. I loved the interview, especially because Charlize Theron is somebody who I probably never would have sought out to research by myself. So in conclusion, I loved the first episode of #GIRLBOSS radio and can't wait for the next one.ONBE_Isolated-Master-Logo_squareThen I tried On Being and was drawn into an interview with Mary Oliver. I love the idea of this podcast because it interviews and has speeches from influential figures in all fields - but hones in on what it means to be human. So you have all these articulate, intelligent, passionate people talking about the why. I like to characterize myself as an existential person - I always pose everything on a philosophical, theoretical level rather than one that's necessarily tangible. So listening to that just stunned me.

My Other Reads

222158_10150189612955745_55555550744_7095892_1866590_n_400x400Brain PickingsIn that vein, if you've seen my Twitter in the past few months, you've probably seen Brain Pickings. Brain Pickings is the brainchild (pardon the pun) of Maria Popova, an absolutely brilliant MIT Fellow. She collects donations to fund the maintenance of her website, Brain Pickings, which is an "inventory of a meaningful life" complete with analyses and quotes from the most poignant scientists, artists, and writers. She talks about everything from vintage childrens books to letters from Kerouac to the relation of physics to theism. It's absolutely marvelous and always the highlight of my day. I wish I could somehow encapsulate how much this website and the content on it means to me and my thought process.

What have y'all been into lately?

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