The Grind - May 19, 2016

the grindHey y'all!It's been about five months since I've last thrown together a news post. But it's my last week as a high schooler and the week after BEA, leaving me with much more time and news to catch up on within the industry.Last year, I started The Grind a year or so ago as a way to condense some of the last bookish news in YA for my readers.When I decided that I really wanted to get involved in the publishing industry, I turned towards literary sources. Now, I read a lot of Publishers Weekly and GalleyCat and Publishing Trendsetter, and I try to always keep up-to-date with both current events and trends that’ll pop up in a few years from deals.Without further ado, here's what's been going on in publishing (especially in YA)...

The News

Dan Brown is adapting The Da Vinci Code for young readers. Sorry, what? The writer (and his publisher) revamped the cover and supposedly "abridged" the bestseller to appeal to teen audiences. This naturally has the YA world in a bit of an uproar, because most people read it as teenagers, and find no reason why kids nowadays would have trouble reading the original book since neither the plot nor prose are particularly complicated. Read more about it here.OverDrive Media announced plans to create digital book clubs...OverDrive - a major audiobook distributor that partners with public libraries - has decided to branch out in another direction. Recent studies have shown that many readers are a part of digital book clubs, and OverDrive is trying to encourage these to get more books in the hands of more readers. Read more about it here.YA Author CJ Daugherty called out Wattpad for plagiarism issues...Another big reveal in book publishing - especially YA - is that Wattpad has been making it WAY too easy for people to plagiarize authors' books. CJ Daugherty has noticed scanned, typed, and even translated versions of her books up on the site, but is having trouble getting them down. To help, she's raised the issue on public platforms - and has made other authors aware of their books being ripped off as well. Unlike similar free eBook platforms like Scribd, Wattpad has a really elaborate process required to report instances of plagiarism that requires reporters to supply incredibly personal information. Read more about the issue here.Audible is now letting users share audiobook files...Audible - Amazon's audiobook distributor and subscription service - is now letting users share purchased audiobooks with no charge through texting, email, and a few other mediums. The recipient of the book can then access the title for free. Read more about it here.Bloomsbury aims to break the surface of academic publishing...Bloomsbury, a major publisher, just announced a plan called Bloomsbury 2020. Bloomsbury is now consumer-focused, but aims to break into the billion dollar industry of academic publishing by breaking into two units: consumer and non-consumer. Read more about it here.

The Posts

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The Deals

from Publishers Weekly

Jordan Brown at HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray has preempted Justina Ireland's Dread Nation and an untitled sequel, a YA duology set in a post-Reconstruction America beset by an undead plague that rose from the Civil War battlefields. Publication is set for 2018; Amy Boggs at Donald Maass Literary Agency brokered the deal for North American rights.Jess Garrison at Dial has acquired a currently untitled YA novel from Jenn Marie Thorne, set over a hot New York City summer. It follows an ungifted daughter of a famous composer as she falls for a teen prodigy and must face down her lost dreams and the classical music establishment to fight for her own chance at happiness. Publication is planned for 2018; Katelyn Detweiler at Jill Grinberg Literary Management sold world English rights.Claudia Gabel at HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen has acquired, in a six-figure deal, a YA science fiction trilogy from Rachel Caine (l.) and Ann Aguirre. The Honors series follows a misfit named Zara who feels lost in a highly ordered future world. Publication is projected to begin in winter 2018; Lucienne Diver at the Knight Agency represented Caine and Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary represented Aguirre in the deal for North American rights.Susan Van Metre and Anne Heltzel of Abrams won a six-publisher auction for world English rights to Christian Yee's debut YA novel, The Girl Who Was Iron and Gold, launching a series about 15-year-old Genie Zhao, who wonders if she's qualified enough to gain admission to an Ivy League school, then becomes powerful enough to break through the gates of Heaven with her fists. Publication is slated for fall 2017, with the sequel to follow in fall 2018; Stephen Barr at Writers House negotiated the two-book deal.Karen Chaplin at HarperTeen has acquired North American rights to Lauren Gibaldi's YA novel This Tiny Perfect World, in which a scholarship girl at a theater camp struggles to figure out if her small-town life, and small-town boyfriend, can ultimately be enough for her. Publication is scheduled for 2017; Claire Anderson-Wheeler at Regal Hoffmann & Associates brokered the deal.Katherine Harrison at Knopf has bought Zan Romanoff's YA novel Grace and the Fever, in which a teen caught up in the conspiracy-rich world of boy band fandom unexpectedly meets her idols and has to reckon with the all-too-human people they are behind the scenes. Publication is slated for summer 2017; Logan Garrison at the Gernert Company brokered the deal for North American rights.

That's a wrap! What are y'all excited for?