BEA Superlatives!

Hey y'all!If you're new to Words Like Silver, welcome! I'm really excited for this post because I had the idea and really wanted to share it with y'all. I saw some adorable outfits, long lines, coolest swag, wanted ARCs, and other things that might not necessarily be covered in a recap post but would make great awards for some of the bloggers, publishers,  and other people and things that I saw at BookExpo America. I think that there are some great ones, so I'm going to do one and then honorable mentions!

Best Dressed:

Sasha & Em

Every single time I saw them, they had the most adorable outfits on. My twin sister definitely would have approved (she's a bit of a fashionista) and Sasha & Em looked so classy. Sasha & Em had the kind of outfits that I wish I had put together. I couldn't find many pictures of their outfits, but they were adorable!


Kelsey - She had the cutest dresses and outfits!

 Jamie - While Jamie couldn't be there for the entire week, her outfit on Monday made me jealous! It was so cute!

Best/Most Creative Swag:

Finale - Limited edition t-shirts were being given away while Becca Fitzpatrick was signing copies of Hush, Hush at the Simon & Schuster booth on Wednesday. There were also some, um, very attractive "fallen angels" handing out swag that my mom made me get a picture with, which I will be posting with my recaps. Anyways, I love this t-shirt! It also has a really cool back!


Candlewick t-shirts: I confess that I am a huge t-shirt nerd. I love having nerdy and bookish t-shirts because I just LOVE being able to wear them around and broadcast the fact that I am a nerd. Plus, this t-shirt is about the comfiest thing ever. I slept in it last night and it was like heaven.

Burn for Burn sunscreen: Simon & Schuster was also giving away mini bottles of sunscreen to promote Burn for Burn (which you will see in my In My Mailbox) and I think I ended up with three bottles from various events and such. It's really helpful for me personally because, well, I do live in the Sunshine State! And it's such a clever use of the title.

Rick Riordan water bottles: These were awesome. I got one (which you will also see in my In My Mailbox. They were able to be folded and clipped onto bags which was really helpful for Book Expo. If anything, bring water onto the floor!

Longest Lines:

The Dark Days: People started lining up two hours before. Now, there are several lines (The Night Circus, Sweet Tooth, Tim Gunn) that were just as long but I am just doing ones that I was in. Luckily, my mom and I ended up sitting next to Aimee Carter, the author of The Goddess Test and we were able to sit down so it was nice being able to talk with her for so long.


John Green: This one was ticketed so you had to get a ticket to be able to get in line but not only was there a ridiculously long line for the tickets, but there was a really long line for the actual signing! We took up two lanes and we wrapped around the edge of the Autographing Area!

Wanted Books:

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater: Luckily, they had a lot of copies of this book but it was really high in demand. Almost everybody that I talked to on Monday said that they HAD to get a copy of The Raven Boys, that it was #1 on their lists!


Rift: I was convinced I was never going to get a copy but when I was over at the Penguin booth, they did a "secret" giveaway and I was one of the few over there, so I managed to get a copy! I am so excited about this one!

Ten: So many people were DYING for this book and for good reason. Gretchen McNeil is fantastic. She talked with Leah Clifford, Scott Tracey, and I while we were in line for The Raven Boys and she is hilarious (and I admire her for doing BEA in heels). I just got Possess signed by her so I'm excited to read Possess for the first time. I didn't get Ten but I don't mind because there are people who wanted it more than I did.

Days of Blood and Starlight: They didn't actually give away the ARC of this one, but they did give away samplers shrink-wrapped to a paperback of Daughter of Smoke and Bone at the Little, Brown and everybody who knew about the giveaway was swarming for it at 2. And the sampler is pretty big so that's exciting. I want to say it's a hundred pages but I could be wrong since I shipped it and I don't have my copy for reference.

Prodigy: So many people wanted this. With the ending that Legend had, I'm not surprised. I'm also excited that I got my hands on this one! My brother liked the first book and my sister loved it, so my family will be fighting over my copy. I also talked with some extremely nice bloggers and librarians while waiting for a copy so that was fun. I was in line next to Lenore Appelhans which brings me to my next choice...

Best Challenges:

Crown of Embers:  Martha Mihalick tweeted that she would be taking a copy of this book every day to the expo and whoever found her first could have it. I found her at about 10 on Wednesday but somebody had already gotten the copy. It was awesome meeting her though!


Level 2: There was something going on where if you found the guy wearing the Level 2 button at the Simon & Schuster booth, that you might be one of the lucky ones to get an ARC if you came early enough. Not everybody knew about this so only some people got copies. I'm actually reading this one now and it is excellent so far.

Bloomsbury Scavenger Hunt: Bloomsbury had this awesome scavenger hunt going on where you snapped pictures of certain things ("person with multiple tote bags trying to get a taxi", etc,.) and they would have a special surprise for anyone who gathered the list. I didn't participate in it, but it sounded really fun.


So that's it for my BEA Superlatives! I hope y'all enjoyed! I'll be posting the rest of my wrap-up posts as I get my boxes but for now, enjoy!