Watching television never really occurs to me, and I nearly always need to be doing something else during it — sketching, chipping away at my planner, doing something with my hands.

But dancing is a piece of myself that I missed before I threw myself into it again. As I spent most of summer 2019 dancing, I found some compelling dance footage to spotlight instead. If I do drift towards TV, or movies, I’ll feature those too.

For anybody who regularly watches these, my choices are probably pretty basic, but I love dancers who look like they love every second of it — and I’m weak for any choreography with nice lines. A good overview. And some of these are people I danced with this summer, and I wanted to share the love.

Natalie Bebko, Stevie Dore, Hamilton Evans, Charlize Glass, Dee Glazer.

For real, there are such talented people dancing right now and they’re a genuine joy to watch and be around.