Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain.


I’m Grace.

I’m a twenty one year old reader + writer from Tampa, Florida. I left the sunshine to go study history + studio art at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. I graduate in May 2020 and am currently wandering through cities while I figure out where to go next.

Words Like Silver was established in April 2011 when I, in true middle school fashion, needed an outlet for all my passions. While bits of my interests sneak on here from time to time, WLS is fundamentally where I talk about what I’m reading. It gets its name from my penchant for “silver-tongued” writers + poetic descriptions.

Book-wise, I’m a fan of young adult fiction because it’s where I find the most variety. Most of the other books I read are vaguely existential in nature. I go down rabbit holes and devour books on specific topics that catch my fancy. (I’m often reading Brain Pickings or Aeon for inspiration, or the Modern Love column if I’m not reading a book.)

When not making art or reading, I’m probably at a dance studio, or chipping away at an instrument. I’m a hobbyist at heart, and passionate about anything expressive.

For specifics, or the straight-up art side, you can stalk my portfolio.

As a note, there are referral links to buy a copy for every book I review. I would really prefer that WLS readers go through an independent bookstore or other retailer if possible before resorting to Amazon for book sales. It’s much friendlier to book publishers!